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    Why Every Buyer Should Have a Final Walk Through

    The final walk through is the buyer’s opportunity to confirm that the property they are getting ready to purchase is in the same, or better condition as when they initially fell in love with the house; and decided to make an huge  investment to call it home. The following bullet points are reasons why every buyer will desire to have a Final Walk-Through:
    • During the walk through, the buyer will most likely look at every inch of the property keeping in mind, “what you see, is what you get.”
    • The seller is not expected to be there.
    • This is the time for the buyers to see the home without the seller’s personal things.
    •  It may spark additional questions for the buyer that they will probably want the seller to answer later.  This time should be uninhibited, as most buyers prefer very few distractions during this time of introspection.
    • Last but not least, the buyer will validate that all the items they expected to remain post closing is indeed left in the house.

    As you can see, a final walk-through can be essential to the closing process of a home. It is a time that helps to ensure that both seller and buyer will be satisfied at the end of the transaction.


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