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    What to consider when buying a home in Charlotte, NC

    Always a momentous event, home buying can either be a glorious experience or a stressful transaction. Many factors come into play, and while some of these are beyond our control, you can always avoid common pitfalls by being prepared. Before you buy a home in Charlotte, do your homework and consider the following aspects for a positive home buying experience.


    Your ideal neighborhood

    The Queen City is a large metropolis composed of a variety of neighborhoods. Aside from possessing distinct characters  and atmospheres, these communities also have their fair share of pros and cons. Real estate offerings as well as median sales prices also depend on the neighborhood.


    Take Uptown, for example. The beating heart of Charlotte, Uptown is an attractive neighborhood due to its central location and urban living experience. Most of the housing options in this area include lofts and condos, as well as a number of townhouses and single-family homes. Home prices in the Uptown neighborhood range from $100,000 to well over $300,000, making it a great place to start your home search.


    Neighborhood demographics is something you might also want to look  into when exploring around Charlotte. Some neighborhoods draw younger crowds, while others are more family-oriented. Definitely take into consideration your needs and your long-term goals to be able to determine the perfect Charlotte neighborhood for you.


    The right Realtor


    By now we’ve established that navigating the ins and outs of Charlotte real estate can be tricky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the city itself. To make the home buying experience smoother, hire a real estate agent with local expertise. Precious advice and knowledge from the Realtor will help you narrow down your top neighborhoods until you finally find the right one, and, in the process, your dream home.
    Hiring a real estate agent, however, can also be quite an adventure. If you have zero contacts from the real estate industry, ask trusted friends and family for 

    referrals. This is a business decision, so do take care to interview each of your candidates to get a better idea of how knowledgeable they are of Charlotte real estate.  


    The right  Realtor should be working in Charlotte’s real estate industry full time and has a list of references. Check your potential Realtor’s website (if available) and read reviews and browse through current listings to see if they’re more in touch with homes that fall right within your budget.


    The right mortgage type


    In hindsight, mortgages are pretty much the same in the United States, but interest rates might  still be affected, depending on the type of mortgage you’re getting and where you’re planning to purchase a home.


    The right mortgage type plays an important role in your real estate investment, so be sure to ask around. Get in touch with a local lender and ask questions, such as:


    • What are the most popular mortgages in Charlotte, and do you offer these mortgages? Why are they popular?

    • Which mortgage type best suits my needs and financial capability?

    • What are the documents I need to get pre-approved?

    • Are the rates, fees, closing costs, and terms negotiable?

    You’ll also want to ask about the lock-in period of a loan you’re interested in, how long it takes to get approved and to close a loan, and other related questions. Remember, when shopping for a mortgage, don’t be afraid to ask questions.


    Find out more about home buying in Charlotte, NC! Get in touch with me today at or call me at 704-947-2165 or 704-737-6976.

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