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    Monday Mojo- Stop Being Scared

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    All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. -Walt Disney

    Let’s be honest… most people are scared to death. They are scared of not having enough money, scared of not having a nice enough house, scared of not being able to make their car payments, and scared of ending up sick without good enough health insurance.

    Of course, common sense should dictate our decisions in a major way, but being afraid of what has not yet happened is not going to get us anywhere. Being afraid of failure can also hinder you from really thinking clearly about what must be done in order to achieve your goals.

    With that said, here are ways to be brave when everyone else is telling you to be afraid. These tips might be simple, but the can also be incredibly effective!

    1… Remember that having courage is not the same as being foolish. Investing in your future by chasing your dreams and goals is not foolish unless you do it foolishly, but people like to say that it is when they are busy doing what they don’t want to be doing. Sometimes people like to write off taking chances as foolishness because they truly don’t see the point in it, but you are probably different from them, so take this criticism for what it is… pure criticism, nothing more.

    2… Remember that life is short and that there is no reason not to pursue big things for yourself. Life isn’t going to last forever. When you take this into account, what reason do we really have for not pursuing our goals and dreams?

    3… Surround yourself with positive people. Having uplifting people around you can make a huge difference in your life! Once again, life is simply too short to spend around people who drag you down. Instead, focus on spending your time with people who encourage you and build you up. This can make a huge difference for both your attitude and your point of view.

    4… Plan well and trust your plan. If you have your goals lined out and you have a plan for achieving them that you truly believe makes practical sense, then stay confident in it unless someone legitimately points out a problem that you have not considered before. Remember, you don’t need approval… you just need information and a plan. The rest will take care of itself if you stick with it, remain adaptable, keep learning, and re-evaluate your position regularly..


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