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    Home improvements with the highest returns for 2017

    Are you planning on undertaking any home improvement projects soon? We’ve got the lowdown on all the upgrades that pay off significantly well and increase the value of your home.

    1. Installment of loose-fill fiberglass insulation

    According to the latest Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling magazine, the upgrade that pays off the most is not necessarily the most expensive. The installment of loose-fill fiberglass insulation only costs about $1,343 but has an average ROI of 107.7 percent.

    Fiberglass insulation is less expensive than its cellulose counterparts and are increasingly popular mostly because of its cost-effectiveness.

    2. Manufactured stone veneer

    If you’re looking to change the exteriors of your home, consider having manufactured stone veneer installed. According to the same report, this home project can cost you about $7,500 but will bring an average ROI of 92.5 percent.

    Aside from being a decorative building material (it can make parts of your home’s exteriors look like they’re built out of natural stone), manufactured stone veneer can also be used to protect the exterior and interior vertical walls of your home.

    3. Upscale garage door replacement

    Front doors aren’t the only ones that need replacing. A new garage door can set you back by $3,270, but it can yield you an average ROI of 86.7 percent. Garages are often overlooked as we mainly try to focus upgrades in the main home, but we should take care of this area as well, especially if the garage door has seen better days.

    4. Entry door replacement

    If you are keen on replacing your front door with a brand new one, go for a steel door. This can cost you about $1,300, but will give you an average ROI of 84.4 percent.

    While steel-entry doors are more commonly used for commercial properties, homes can do well with this type of door. It’s available in a wide variety of styles, require little maintenance, is relatively more affordable than a wood door, and is widely considered to be the most durable door type.

    5. Siding replacement

    The fifth home improvement project on our list is siding replacement. This job will cost you a whopping $13,632, but promises an average ROI of 82 percent.

    Aside from giving your home a fresh new look, replacing your siding can also address structural damage and other issues inflicted by weather, among other factors. Not only can this home upgrade be an aesthetic choice but a necessary one as well, especially if you’ve found out the boards are rotting or have rotted.

    6. Universal design bathroom

    A bathroom renovation remains as one of the top upgrades with significant average ROIs. Although it can set you back a little over $14,000 (at least), it also has an average ROI of 80.1 percent. Replace the tiles and the fixtures, install a new shower– give it a nice facelift. Your bathroom deserves it, and your property’s value will also increase because of it.
    Interested in how home improvement projects can affect the value of your home? Get in touch with me today at or call me at 704-947-2165 or 704-737-6976.

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